resource library


We want to challenge you to push yourself daily all 2019. This resource center will grow every week in order to provide supplemental support for brand growth. Don't allow yourself to get dormant and not take full advantage of this experience. Push yourself over the next quarter by not only completing the challenges, but embracing this resource library as well. No more time for mediocre brand building. 



weekly exercises

Every week we're dropping new content and adding complimentary e-books and worksheets that coincide with the particular topic we cover. These are available for immediate download and some will be able to be edited in MS Office or via Canva (in the event you don't want to print them.


webinar/video library

daily exercises

We've gathered some of the greatest video content around the web to help push your mindset to new dimensions and provide instruction on how to elevate your brand both professionally and profit-wise. Visit this page DAILY. Listen first thing in the morning, while driving to/from your 9-5, while cooking dinner, or during a dedicated hour of brand building time. We want you immersed in motivation for the next 12 weeks. 


Monthly assignments

Monthly assignments

Every month, a new assignment will drop that pushes you to focus on building your brand. We'll also hold an Accountability Hour for VIP Members to not only make sure the assignment has been completed, but to also push you stretch yourself a bit and provide some dedicated q and a time.