You first, babe

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Welcome Babe! This membership cycle we wanted to focus on you! So many times, we find ourselves putting other people, places, and things in front of our wants, desires, and plans. There's nothing wrong with being a resource for others, but it cannot come at the complete expense of our dreams and aspirations. We're putting our goals, our self-care, and our hustle FIRST.

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Here's a quick 1,2,3 step process to get you started!

1. Get Meme'd! 

We want to support you, encourage you, and show you love! Please submit a picture and the following info to We'll use this to update the Members section and promote you on our social media channels.



Name of your Brand: 




Collaboration Opportunities: (Opportunities for partnership)

2. Join our Private Facebook Group with the Button Below!

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3. Connect with Babes in Your Area!


Lastly, set aside a specific time day and time to work on your brand. Add this block of time to your planner and phone calendar. We want to ensure you succeed "on-purpose." Also, reserve time to network with other babes and most importantly, for self-care. Remember babe, you first. Be intentional about putting yourself first.


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